QR Codes & Short URLs

More on the use of QR Codes  Location-Aware Services

Ramsden, A. (2008) The use of QR codes in Education: A getting
started guide for academics. Working Paper. University of Bath.

Creating and inserting a QR code into a powerpoint

QR Codes explained

QR Code generator

Here is a QR Code Generator: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ that can easily be used to create QR codes for specific http:// pages.

 I've applied QR code in Libguide for students

I've included a QR code in a Libguide that I developed as part of an information literacy module I teach to students at our faculty. The idea is that they'll have the information we covered in class nearby on their phones if they get stuck when doing research on their own. They could then go back to the topics we covered in class. I've also included a link to the guide on Blackboard, our student learning system, as not all the students have phones that can accommodate QR codes. 

QR Code Essentials  From DENSO Wave, the inventor of the QR Code.

Shorter URLs :  Tinyurl.com or Goo.gl

Before attending our ICT class, I was aware of these services and how one should think about the use thereof according to the situation when being confronted with a long URL. For instance, it isn't such a good idea if you'd like the client to see the path to the information immediately in the URL; so I liked the idea of being able to create a short URL, but wondered where I would appropriately apply it. 

It made a lot of sense when Sandy mentioned in class that it is especially handy for use in Twitter, as a tweet can only be up to 145 characters.

I have now used both these services when having to send long content links to clients and for some reason I prefer goo.gl?! As I now also tweet, I am applying my knowledge of creating shorter URLs when tweeting, as it leaves more characters for the tweets.

Don't you agree the shorter URL looks neater as well?

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