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Developing Countries and Social Media :

A few interesting links, including two on social media and developing countries... Researching ways and means to develop sustainable information and communications technology in developing countries. This will be achieved through community-owned decentralized mesh networks built on open source technology.

Best Practices

Social media is here to stay...

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"Library users: a community ready for social media.
93% of information and documentation professionals believe that library users are ready for social media. 

Impact of Mobile Social Media in now-emerging countries

Resources from InfoPeople. I'm going to keep an eye out for the speaker slides of Laura Solomon's How to Fail at Social Media (and How to Get it Right) webinar. I'm keen to find out more about the lessons that libraries have already learnt, so as to avoid what is regarded as common mistakes made by libraries when entering the social media arena.
Social Media Terms

So when creating a QR code then the person who are using it, is thumbcasting. Do you know what a klog contains? For the weird and wonderful world of social media terms, visit

More on Social Media

Libarians need skills, but won't get far without passion, a collaborative nature and creativity students were told a new breed of bold, passionate leaders in libraries are needed - The Rhode Island Library Report
Social media primer

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