Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Micro-blogging = Twitter

Tonight it was micro-blogging = Twitter ...and although I've only tweeted once or twice before,  I'm now more enthusiastic to make/find time to apply micro-blogging and create an account for our branch library - maybe use it as a virtual comment box... I quite like that idea, but will have to explore it a bit more and also chat to my colleagues.

It was enlightening to see how librarians apply their twitter accounts and that libraries sometimes have more than one account where different accounts are used for different aspects, including marketing, news, training, etc. 

 I also thought the  is a very useful site for a non-twitter to know about.

Time now for some sleep, so hopefully talk to you again soon.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New to blogging!

The idea of blogging is not new to me, but to actually blog, is a first here.  I get the feeling I'm not alone in this as I hear a few more questions in I guess we'll learn together.