Wednesday, 3 April 2013

D-Day for presenting

Tonight some of us were up for delivering our topic presentations in class and I was glad to be part of the group that could present, so now I can focus on my next presentation; other subject, other topic, but just as interesting :)

It seems we all found it challenging to present our topics in only 5 minutes, but it was a very good exercise to make sure only the pertinent is included.

Beforehand I wished for my presentation, which I had a lot of fun with putting together, to be well received and clearly understood.   The remarks afterwards seem to indicate that I reached my goal. Good luck to those of you who will present next week!

I'm including my short presentation as promised, and hope you'll find time to read the "Making a difference" document or even just scan through it as it gives a good idea of the wonderful work that Research4Life does with their four programmes. There's also a librarian reporting how the open access information is helping him when asked for information.

 Here is the video link to Prof Mary Abukutsa-Oyango from Kenya's report on how both approaches to OA have benefited her research and community. The direct link from within the PowerPoint don't  open in the file format I had to change it to before I could upload.


  1. Your presenatation was certainly a feast for the eyes and mind. Thank you! I learnt a lot from your presentation regarding open access - in a visual way too!! Who says learning can't be fun?

  2. Your presentation was a lecture all on its own and very inspiring. I've learnt quite a bit about 'open access'.

  3. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you could take some learning from my presentation :)

  4. I agree with the others it was certainly something that gripped me as well. Just one question: How did you put the slideshow on your blog?

  5. Hi Conette, I've sent my answer to your question via e-mail and trust you got it.