Monday, 18 March 2013

Learning curve: on our way to becoming social media socialites and 21st century librarians?

Quite a few of you guys have mentioned that you experience the course as a learning curve. If I must emphasize one thing that I've learned so far, it is that more and more time will have to be found and spent one way or the other to apply and keep up with social media and its tools and to a greater extent, to the benefit of our growing number of digital natives users and also our profession. Librarians need to evaluate which social media would be applicable in their community and use it to connect with and build relationships with their members where they are.

As dr Steve Matthews says in his blog post, "Nowhere is change as evident as in libraries!" It is a question of swim or sink. According to dr Matthews "there are at least five major challenges that every librarian will face, sooner or later. Whether you overcome these challenges will determine whether you become a 21st Century librarian, and ultimately whether you, your library and your profession survive".

I don't agree with his statement that librarians/libraries are not about the building, but only in cyberspace...the library as place is becoming more and more crucial for communities in need of a space away from home, the so called "third space" or "third place".

Librarias will also need to think about how we use our existing library space ... and school libraries are also thinking of their design so as to make/keep libraries an inviting place where communities would be able to grow, connect, learn, share and also socialize.  

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