Friday, 1 March 2013

QR Codes

Since tapping in on the subject of QR codes during class, I've created a QR codes for our video database collection as well as expanding the use of an already existing QR Code I had created before starting classes with Sandy.  This is such an easy way to promote your library resources and services, especially with smart phones being all the more available to library clients.

 My colleagues have been quite impressed with the new ways I made use of the OR code technology, although I've previously created one for our library website which we put up at the library's entrance door.  

These new ideas were brought about by the examples Sandy shared with us the class so I could happily create some more as can be seen in the photographs below. We also included the QR code for our library website on our new batch of printed bookmarks for the library. 

It is quite rewarding seeing the enthusiasm of our users when they use this "fairly new to some of the students as well" technology, which enables them to easily and quickly get to the video streaming content to their phones. Another idea that I would like to follow up is to develop QR codes for our E-books on specific sub-topics. These codes should help to bring together the paper and E-collections when the codes are displayed near the hard copy books on the topic.

 I've now also  created this QR code for my blog   
Maybe the following will sound a bit technical, but believe me, it is quite easy and if I could manage, of course so can you! So if you have bbm, click on BB icon on your phone, scroll right down and you'll find "Scan a group barcode". Next time you want to save info from a QR code on your phone, just click "scan a group barcode" and hold it in front of the QR code you want to capture, and your phone will find it automatically. The link to the information should then be available in your browser on your phone.

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