Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Podcast follower

Previously, when missing a good radio talk show, I took it in my stride with a 'don't worry, maybe again next week ",  but I'm excited that from now on, no more missing out...I'll just tune in to the podcasts. Best of all, this can happen in one's own time.  Many resources exist on how podcasting works.

 I've now joined PodOmatic, and although I don't know how soon I'll  need to create a podcast, at least I know where to turn to, should I need a free resource.   I have worked with and have access to
 Captivate, which is an electronic learning tool that can be used to create podcasts as well. I also follow a listserv where Camtasia was discussed as another such tool, which is highly recommended by the users thereof, as they feel it is more user friendly than Captivate. If small changes need to be made every so often to the podcast, Captivate is better than Camtasia apparently.

Right now I'm catching up and listening on my computer via the web page to an interesting podcast about positive thinking, while I'm visiting some of the web pages mentioned in class and also searching for a podcast I'd like to follow and maybe share with you. There is just so much out there!

If you are in need of a few more examples and tips, you might find Podcasting from the Library Success Best Practices Wiki useful. It Includes a list of libraries creating podcasts and tips for creating effective podcasts.

A few more resources

Listen to podcasts and vodcasts of the Berlin 10 OA content.
Podcasting for researchers
First Monday podcast 

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